I like create connected experiences, products and platforms.

I like to develop information systems, web applications, web sites and the mobile APP.


  • Good knowledge of relational databases: MySQL, SQLServer
  • Excellent knowledge of CMS DRUPAL and WORDPRESS for creation of websites.
  • Good knowledge of php framework for creating web applications.
  • Knowledge and skills in SEO and web analytics platforms.
  • Full mastery of programming languages​​: C, PHP, ASP, JAVA, SQL, T-SQL, HTML, CSS, VisualBasic, Javascript (Jquery/Ajax)
Good Will

I have good interpersonal skills, professionalism and good will 

Problem Solving

Autonomy in work and aptitude for problem solving and time management

Work in Teams

Propensity to work in teams, organizational skills and work planning 

Constant Updating

Ready constant updating (manuals, internet, forums, social, etc.)


Propensity to reports for possible consultations with customers 


Predisposition to be proactive in optics research and development