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Is possible turn ideas into wonderful things.

If you want to break boundaries with your project, working with me is a good start.

Web Oriented

Implementation of software solutions oriented to the world of the web.

App Mobile

Design and development of applications for tablets and smartphones.

Digital Marketing

Web, Social and Media, representing a real growth opportunities for company.


Since about 10 years I have been designing and development software web oriented and implementation of digital marketing solutions.

I love to think and develop all things digital.


2015 - Senior Web & APP Developer at Reattiva

Design and development of web-oriented software and mobile APP for Android and Apple iOS. Implementation of websites and web applications with any programming language. Implementation and management system of administration and sending newsletters.

2014 -Web Developer at 3keys

Design and development of websites made with CMS. Edit and adaptation of plugin for CMS. Notions of digital marketing. SEO expert.

2013 - Programmer at the JO Group

Analysis of an Application Client/Server in Java for the manipulation of data from an Arduino system. Management and control of operational functions.

2012 - IT Administrator at Etna Consulting & Service

DataBase Administrator, UI development of CRM BCOM Siseco. Development of statistical systems with MS Excel, MS Access and VBScript. IT Consulting at the sub-agencies and personnel training with lessons in place.

2011 - Web Application Developer at Apricot Studio

Team coordinator for the design and development of software with particular reference to the use of scripting languages php/asp and database MySQL/SQLServer.

2008/2010 - Web Master and Web Designer

Design, development, maintenance, graphic designs and SEO activities of web portals for private and companies in Php, Asp, Html, Javascript and XML on databases MySQL and SQLServer. Software solutions for corporate intranets.

2005/2008 - Software Developer Freelancer

Planning and development management software in client/server environment with VB on Database Access. Activity of demos, training and customer support.

2004 - Planning and Materials Management at STMicroelectronics

Summer Job like maintenance of corporate intranet database associated with spreadsheets through visual basic.

2003 - Internship like Web Designer at Uzeda

Internship at the web agency UZEDA lasting 40h carried out upon completion of the course Web Designer.

It exceeded with the highest grades.


2010 Graduation in computer engineering

Graduation in computer engineering, class 9 of the information engineering obtained with the vote of 106/110 at the University of Catania.

2003 Specialization Web Designer

Certificate of participation in the course of web designers obtained with maximum efficiency at the institute of Catania ENFAP.

2002 High School Diploma

High School Diploma in Expert Industrial Technical specialization informatics obtained with the vote of 100/cents at ITIS G. Marconi to Catania.


I like create connected experiences, products and platforms.

I like to develop information systems, web applications, web sites and the mobile APP.


  • Good knowledge of relational databases: MySQL, SQLServer
  • Excellent knowledge of CMS DRUPAL and WORDPRESS for creation of websites.
  • Good knowledge of php framework for creating web applications.
  • Knowledge and skills in SEO and web analytics platforms.
  • Full mastery of programming languages​​: C, PHP, ASP, JAVA, SQL, T-SQL, HTML, CSS, VisualBasic, Javascript (Jquery/Ajax)
Good Will

I have good interpersonal skills, professionalism and good will 

Problem Solving

Autonomy in work and aptitude for problem solving and time management

Work in Teams

Propensity to work in teams, organizational skills and work planning 

Constant Updating

Ready constant updating (manuals, internet, forums, social, etc.)


Propensity to reports for possible consultations with customers 


Predisposition to be proactive in optics research and development


It can be turn ideas into wonderful things.

If you want to break boundaries with your project, working with me is a good start.






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